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What Can You Do For Us?

Your support and sponsorship means a great deal to us.

The costs of organizing a successful tournament can be astronomical.

We want to ensure that every child/youth have the opportunity to participate and money should never get in the way.

With your support and sponsorship we will aim to help subsidize costs.

What Can We Do For You?

Once you receive a sponsorship package, you can identify the areas and levels you feel you’d like to get involved with. Based on the level you commit to, you will receive the benefits outlined for that category. We are confident in our ability to provide the very best marketing benefits to our sponsors, and we are willing to listen to you, to determine the best values for your corporate culture.

Market Reach

KICKIT2WINIT INC. is a growing company, and as we expand, we aim to capture the attention of athletes, community members and businesses from around the world.

In forming positive relationships, we can ensure that each sponsor and supporter will have marketing advantages both locally and globally.

For those sponsors who may happen to be Soccer Fanatics, don’t worry, you can definitely play in the tournament too.Our Corporate Division has a spot for you.

Email us at marketing@kickit2winit.com for a detailed Marketing Package which outlines

your options and benefits in partnering with KICKIT2WINIT INC.

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