KICKIT2WINIT INC. began in Toronto Canada, back in 2012. It was founded on the basis of community, bringing people together for a cause greater than just sports and daily business.  Helping those in need and using our platform to speak out and strive for change is by far KICKIT2WINIT INC.’s proudest accomplishment. We are extremely grateful for what we have and what we are able to do through KICKIT2WINIT INC., the difference we make around the world is astounding.

As SPONSORS you have the opportunity to be a part of this Global movement. Your brand will not only reach the local market, but the global market as well.  The best part is you get more than you give! We stand for long term, long lasting relationships where everyone is benefiting. Community is so important to us, as you read through our package; you will discover the many areas our team is committed to. We bring positive change both locally and globally. Sponsoring a Team or even entering a Team in our Corporate Division is a fun way to be involved, get your brand noticed, and be a part of something both unique and effective.

ATHLETES both competitive and amateur, from ages 12 – 65, all genders, all skill levels can come together for fun, excitement, and lasting memories. Players and teams will be placed in their appropriate divisions based on gender, skill level, age bracket, and so on. All cities will host their very own local tournament, but around the world so will other cities. Players coming together as ONE VOICE to raise awareness, advocate for positive change, make a difference, and be united. Our platform is also designed for players to gain exposure. The tournaments are video marketed for promotional purposes and as an added service to all of our players we submit footage to Scouts/Agents/Schools/Clubs in your local city and around the world – So be sure to bring your ‘A’ game!

KICKIT2WINIT INC. is a business first, but we’re proud to use our platform, resources, media and corporate network to raise awareness for local charities. Whether you play in the tournament, Sponsor a tournament or Volunteer at a tournament, we welcome you to join us and be a part of the KICKIT2WINIT INC. family. Your community is our community, together we are stronger and we are better.


Thank You
John Toufankjian – President